I have been interested in 3D printing for a long time, but it took me a while to actually buy a printer. In fact, it was the cheap Chinese printers that triggered my search for a printer. But after a long search, however, I decided on a "slightly" more expensive printer. Namely an MK3S+ from Prusa as a kit. Yes, for that money I could have got several Chinese models. But in the end, I think it paid off. The good quality, the good instructions kept the frustration in check. And the fact that I was allowed to build it completely saved money on the one hand, and on the other, which was much more important from my point of view, helped me to understand how everything works. I think that with a cheap, almost completely assembled device from China, the risk that I would have given up this hobby would have been much greater. Even though I will never know, because I just decided otherwise.